Mountain Village Buildings - Tiny Cabins

Catch Steven Cleveland from Mountain Village Buildings all weekend at the Boston Home Show from February 23-25, 2018

Mountain Village Buildings – a new addition to the Topsfield Home Show this year brings the reality of affordable “Tiny Home” living.   With minimalist footprints these log homes are perfect for today’s market for small, affordable, quality built structures.  These energy efficient and affordable log homes can be fully equipped with appliances and configured to meet the customer’s needs.  Our display will allow visitors to envision life in a tiny home.  They will be staged with rustic Amish furniture which will also be available for sale. You will be meeting a man by the name of Steven Cleveland – his biography is below.

Steven Cleveland’s Biography

Steven Cleveland from Mountain Village Buildings has been in the building business for approximately 38 years.  He has built pole barns, sheds and industrial buildings all across the Mid-West and New England.  For over 20 years while building, Steve also ran a successful retail furniture company that was featured at Home Shows and Fairs all over the East Coast.   In 2012, Steve wanted to try something different and started looking at the future of tiny homes.   Listening to his friends and his children, he realized that the market did not offer small affordable housing.  There are so many young adults just starting up who want a home of their own but can’t afford a large house or don’t want to live for a mortgage as well as retired singles or couples who are trying to downsize and live on a retirement budget while still enjoying their life.  Finding a solution became Steve’s passion and he was driven to find a way to make this a reality.  He wanted to find a solid, well-built home that would be affordable.    From this dream, Mountain Village Buildings was birthed.  The company is located in beautiful Western Massachusetts, where Steve operates his business out of his home but has sheds and outbuildings displayed at 1 West Street in Hatfield, MA.  Just recently Steve has acquired his first Log Cabin Tiny Home.  This 10’ x 26’ home which will be featured and used as a model at the Topsfield Home Show, is a full log home.  It is constructed of 4” X 6” logs, with full insulation under the metal roof and wood floor.  At a mere 260 square feet, the home contains both cedar and pine, providing warmth to all who tour the cabin.    The home is designed to be trailered to a location and placed on a foundation.  The Tiny Cabin will be available for all show attendees to walk through and tour.  Steve will be offering special incentives to any customers who provide a deposit on this beautiful home at the Topsfield show.  


The Artisan Marketplace

Craftproducers is proud to present 20 Artists, Artisans, and Specialty Food Producers at the inaugural New England Home Show There will be 20 exhibitors in this section. Check out their creations and buy some of their products. Keep the HANDMADE movement alive.

Ronald Wilson, Photography Jeffrey Nelson, Marquetry Furniture Cheryl Robbins-Dooley, Artisan Dark Chocolate



Top 12 Products

Top 12 Products – Artaic (Boston, MA)

Curated by author Boyce Thompson, you will not only see these products at the show, you can try them out, watch them work and see firsthand how these innovations are shaping new ways in which we live in our homes.


Robots that Mow the Lawn
Husqvarna’s Autonomous Mower takes over mundane yard work, leaving more quality time for the family

TVs that Showcase Digital Art
The Frame TV from Samsung alternates between showing television programs and the latest digital art

Robots that Stand in for You at Home
The Ohmni telepresence robot makes it seem like you are at home, even when you are away

Firewalls that Protect Connected Home Devices
Cujo, a smart home firewall, protects home devices from hackers, viruses, and malware

Virtual Reality Tools that Help You Visualize Projects
Powerful software tools allow you to see in advance how your kitchen or new home will look

Smart Ovens That Are Better Cooks Than You Are
The June Oven sees what you put inside and cooks it perfectly every time

A Sensor that Spots Electricity Hogs
The Nuerio Home Energy Monitor attaches to your electric box and sends reports

A Jacket that Connects You to Home
Jacquard from Levi’s uses Google fabric to connect you with smart devices 

A Monitor that Identifies Air Irritants
AIRIQ scans your indoor air to identify major sources of pollution 

A Robot that Wants to Join the Family
Jibo uses voice and facial recognition software to respond individually to each family member

A Camera That Offers Fashion Suggestions
Echo Look uses algorithms developed with fashion designers to critique your outfit

Humanoid Robots that Can Teach
Shaped like a human, the NAO robot can sing and dance — and teach lessons 

Tile Patterns Developed from Your Own Images
Qualified designers can produce custom mosaic tile patterns for your home


Castle Events will feature a new interactive exhibit of Life-Changing Products at its shows in Boston and Foxboro in 2018. The exhibit, curated by author Boyce Thompson, will showcase the most innovative products to hit the market in the coming year, some of them prototypes not yet available in stores.

The Life-Changing Products exhibit appeared at several of the largest American home shows in 2017. Thompson monitors crowd-funding campaigns, attends industry trade shows, and scours magazines and websites to identify bleeding-edge products that reimagine the way people live at home.

The exhibit will appear at the 68th New England Home Show, which will be held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston from February 23-25, 2018; and The Home Show at Patriot Place, scheduled for Empower Field House in Foxboro on March 23-25, 2018. In addition to working with show-goers in the exhibit, Thompson will deliver seminars that explore key trends driving the do-it-yourself, remodeling, and new home markets. 

The Fun Zone


Benjamin the Clown


In the Moscow Circus, he was a juggling clown on a horse. Once he came to the USA, he had leave the horse behind, and entertain young and older everywhere.

Right away, people realized how much of a clown Benjamin is, and his clowning career in USA took off. As of now, he has done more than 5,000 performances just on the US soil, as well as shows in Europe, Africa and Americas.



Don’t Miss Our Balloon Artists

Catch them between the hours of 12-2PM on Saturday & Sunday at the Boston Home Show!



George Saterial (Magician)

What does it take to become magic’s only Two-Time Gold Medal Champion? Only one magician has ever successfully discovered the answer: George Saterial. By merging a truly original concept with classic style, an obsession with perfection, charisma, and tireless practice and work, George Saterial has achieved arguably magic’s greatest feat.

George has become the first and only magician in the world to receive magic’s highest and most coveted honors, the “Gold Medal of Excellence,” from the industry’s foremost associations–The International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. It’s rare that either award is given–in nearly twenty years they have been granted a combined total of only seven times. George was awarded both honors in the same year.

Watch George at the New England Home Show Boston on February 24th & February 25th at 12 pm / 2 PM.



Stephen Brenner (Magician)

Stephen Brenner is a master at magic, illusion, hypnosis and balloon sculpture. Whether he is performing solely as a Magician in a Tuxedo or as his character D.C. the Clown, Stephen Brenner creates his shows with the audience in mind. Audience participation is a key part of all of his performances, as well as the use of live animals.

Watch Stephen at the New England Home Show Boston on February 24th & February 25th at 12 pm / 2 PM.


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